Michael Ironside vs. John Saxon

The intimidating stares. The imposing foreheads. The commanding comb-overs.
How well do you know one from the other?
Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside
John Saxon
John Saxon
He appeared in the martial arts classic Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee.
He appeared in the movie The Next Karate Kid.
He was born in Toronto.
He was born in New York.
His real first name is Carmine.
His real first name is Frederick.
Had a role in the cult classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Had a role in the cult classic Starship Troopers.
He made two appearances on the TV show Ironside.
He voiced Colonel Moss on the animated Wolverine and the
He played director Richard Brooks in the TV movie Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story.
He played evil telepath Darryl Revok in David Cronenberg's Scanners.
Played Ham Tyler on the original V.
Played Tony Cumson on the original Melrose Place.